Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...NOT

So we just got back from DeafNation World Expo. Guess what.....it was AWESOME! If you can still jump on a plane and go, do it! I plan to share all that happened with us, nothing will stay in Vegas.

We landed in Los Vegas Saturday morning a day before the opening party. We checked in and planned to just play, waiting for things to gear up. Turns out we met deaf folks from all over who had the same idea. A lot of people came early. Some folks would just come up to us and start talking excited about what was to come. My son was over the moon seeing a city become deaf. He took over. Everywhere we went it was like a big family reunion. Hands were flying at every turn. Hearing people were caught off guard. We felt so at home. We felt so free.

I am off to download photos. I will post our visit as soon as I can get the photos organized.

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