Tuesday, July 13, 2010

See you in Vegas!

Saturday we fly out to Vegas. We will be staying until Tues. We are going to Deaf Nation Expo.

We are so excited!

My son has a hearing friend who learned to sign after working in a theater company with him. This kid is amazing. Somehow he just picked up the language and plans to enroll in ASL classes when he enters college in the Fall. Well it turns out he may be in Vegas at the same time we are.

He told my son he would be nervous to be around so many Deaf people with his limited. skills. My son is trying to convince him it will be fine. In fact this friend will have my son to interpret for him. My son tells him there will be all sorts of people with different language skills. It struck me that this really cool strong hearing person is scarred to go.

It reminded me of the first time we went.


  1. That would be interesting how you and your son use sign language from Holland.