Sunday, October 20, 2013

How did we end up here?

I always imagined my son would end up with a nice Deaf girl, go to college and make me proud. Simple.... hopeful

Well I don't get to plan anyone's life!

Yes, I am so proud.

 My son is kicking ass with his grades so college is going to happen. That is a big relief since he is the only Deaf kid at school. His school demands high academic performance.

He has a group of friends....... the only Deaf kid has real friends at his mainstream school. I imagined his entire life at a Deaf school.

I remember sitting with Larry Fliesher asking him if Haddy would be OK..... he said yes and told me his daughter was mainstreamed.
Richard Kendall his first teacher said ....yes
Harlane Lane told me ..... yes

I was a helicopter mom.... now I just observe.

Haddy wanted to see "Rocky Horror" and loved it so much he auditioned for the cabaret cast . He got a part....
He has been working with hearing people in theatre for years...

Time to let go......