Friday, July 23, 2010

I am sorry I can't help you sell your technology

I sometimes get emails from people wanting to advertise on my blog. I got another yesterday. The funny thing is it is always for hearing aids. I understand many people use them but my son threw his away at age nine! So my blog is not a good place for that.

So I feel it would be weird to make money advertising something that we don't use or have any connection to. It would feel like I was taking advantage of my son or sending a mixed message. I feel my blog should only advertise things I understand and use. There are things I would advertise.

For years I have always turned to them for awesome products. They are always friendly and quick to ship. I often order "100 Signs For Parents". I keep them in my purse to hand out and give them to my student's families. You can get an order of 50 for $20.

This school was my son's only bi/bi program. He was three when he started and we moved a year and a half later. They don't advertise but they could use support through donations. They have two really awesome teachers you could contact to help. Stephanie Johnson and Richard Kendall are in my opinion people who made a huge impact on our lives and two of the best educators I know. The school demographic is poor but the families are invested.

We were lucky to live close by and see some amazing productions. I would advertise them in a heartbeat.

Those are just a sample of what I would advertise on my blog but hearing technology just doesn't work. My son was walking though Deaf Expo and he said,
"Mom all these people are trying to make money selling me something to make my life easier. I don't need anything to do that"

To clarify, he does use a cell phone, VP and computer. We did find a cool tool at the Expo, UbiDuo, that we are checking out. What he was talking about is all of the company's set up to "support" deaf people baffles him. He loves all of the technology that makes his life easier but technology that makes folks more hearing is not on his radar.

So I will not be advertising hearing aids but I know there are a lot of folks with great blogs who can.


  1. I like your choices! I'd rather see these advertised than hearing aids.

  2. I love your blog. I hope you keep writing more!

    Deaf Peachlady!

  3. I would like to know where to rent, or borrow signed stories/ DVDs, fiction, non-fiction. I know the deaf school has some but they only lend them to parents of students attending their program. Perhaps, you can point me in the right direction.. the public library doesn't have any.. but they are willing to get some if I can give them the ISBN number for the books..Is there a Deaf netflix I should know about?

  4. Hey thanks for the kind words!

    anonymous, gosh, not sure. I could give you info on things your library could buy if you email me

  5. is my email.. appreciate the help!