Thursday, July 22, 2010

I will open comments but please....

So it has come to my attention some folks want to post anonymous on my blog. In the past I have had a bit of trouble with this because the content of some of the comments were not appropriate for my son to read or just crazy enough to distract from the topic. I do want to hear from everyone who has an opinion.

I have changed my settings to allow this, please respect my son and our family by only using language that your mother would approve of. Remember this is public and if you make a fool of yourself by posting something crazy I will find a way to let your entire family know you are so prolific at low register thinking. This may include portrait tee shirts with text distributed to your local visitor information office.

Warmest regards



  1. Thank you for allowing this, Mel! I've LOVED your blogs, and wanted to comment often, but since none of the options you previously had were available to me (I really DON'T want yet ANOTHER username/password combo to remember), I was unable to.

    I've wanted to say it is so refreshing to see a parent who sees their Deaf child as a whole, healthy being who happens to communicate in a different language from them, but also take the time to learn their child's language and INCLUDE the child in the family life.

    I do believe that you have the option of setting comments to "moderation" so you can screen out the idiots and the mean-spirited. But I like your threat to distribute T-shirts as well! ;-)

  2. Haha....Don big thanks! You made my day. Don't worry, I won't publish a shirt about you :) Well maybe a nice one.
    Warm wishes

  3. I agree with Don- I moderate all comments on my blog. Not because of inappropriate comments, but because of I the only one who gets it?! I get at least one spam comment a day. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. When I was doing my blog in the past, I left the comments open and I did have something that block most spam, but you can do that by allowing no more than two links cuz spam usually has more. But you could also allow for no links and anything with a link would be moderated. As for inappropriate comments, they can be deleted and I suppose it could also be a tool to use to show your son thats how the world operates sometimes and how could should just ignore it and move on ya know? I do enjoy your blog postings ;) keep up the good work!

  5. Well I am on board with ASL...but how do you teach English to deaf kids? do you use SEE? please advise!

    I aslo want to sign in.. but so challenged not even funny!

  6. Well we made sure our son learned a first native language, ASL, after that English. We used English in the written form every chance we could. If a child understands the rules of a first language other languages are easier to learn.

    My daughter is fluent in three languages.

    We never use SEE. Well sometimes my son does when he teases me, he knows that drives me nuts. SEE is not a language and it is hard to watch if you are fluent in ASL.

  7. I work with deaf kids whose parents don't sign to them...the program at school is SEE (a system to teach English) definetly not a training is ASL but I am not fluent yet.. working on it. How do the deaf schools teach English? with all the articles and prepositions, how do you teach kids to read English without using SEE? I am just trying to learn ways to help my kids learn to read and write in English! they are using ASL to communicate with each other..keep in mind one family out of the 11 I have knows basic ASL.

  8. This is a very good question and I will blog about it. The big problem from my point of view is parents do not provide a natural native language enviroment at home.

    For my son we just taught him the rules the same way you teach the rules fo math.

    My son is 12 and reads at an adult level. Here is an old post that may help from December 2009

    Thanks for the comment!