Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Party Time

So Sunday we braved the hot weather and crowded bus to go to the opening party for DeafNation on Freemont street in Los Vegas. When we got to the bus tons of people were pushing to get on. I spotted someone signing on the top level and asked her if there were seats open up there. Without skipping a beat she looked around and told us that there were four seats left. Membership has it's privileges.

It was so different for us to be surrounded by deaf people. The hearing portion of the crowd was the minority and they all looked a bit confused. Haddy said he felt like he was on the "Truman Show". If you have seen the movie you will understand.

When we registered they gave us a pink wrist band. So if we saw someone with this we knew they were part of the expo. People were so friendly and it was easy to share information and meet people.

When the event started the lights above us showed a film made for the expo. Look above Haddy's head in the photo. We met folks from all over and most told Haddy he was lucky his mom signed. We would hear this over and over the next couple of days.

So it was an awesome start. It felt like a deaf city.

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging about the Expo
    makes me truly wish i was there with the thousand others for this once and a life time experience

    enjoy ur time and yep Haddy is blessed as is all ur family