Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love Through a Window

Over the last few days I have had some things happen that shocked me. Things that were so surreal I would pinch myself wondering if the world was really a great place.

Tonight I celebrate they world we live in. Tonight I celebrate my family.

Off topic, I am taking care of my sick mom's dog. She is super cute and friendly but a huge diva. I was sitting outside my house with the sweet diva on a leash waiting for her to poop and I heard a soft tap...tap ....tap at the front window. I turn around and see

My son 's head popped up, " Mom OK you?"

Me "yea dog sick waiting poop"

Son, "Sorry mom"

I sit and watch the sun set so slowly


Daughter "You what doing? Come in eat now"

Me "dog she sick maybe wait for poop"

Daughter " Hamster new, so cute touch I can?"

Me "No hamster he environment new need time"

Daughter " Oh I see OK Love you"

Me " laugh love you"

I sit and feel the breeze, stuck taking care of this poor dog. It is a 100 degrees I am busy with other crap. I give up control and realize this dog needs me.


Son and daughter acting out a funny skit to make me laugh. Behind the glass they act out this silly joke.

They sign " Love you mom"

I dare you to edit my English


  1. OH NO! I'm so sorry about the last few days for you and hope your mom (and her dog) feel better soon. HUGS to you, my friend -- I'm thinking of you and want you to know I care...

  2. What English? This is ASL without the classifiers, etc. that make sense of the barebones English words here.

    It's great that we can converse through windows no matter how far up they are! One occasion I observed people in a plaza signing to people a floor up in a mall window. Nothing unusual...until I began watching people watching them. Some even looked impressed.

  3. Thanks Liz you are a great friend. This poor dog is used to air conditioning and staying with me is like the dark ages for her.

    Dianrez, so true, I have never been skilled at writing ASL because we use so much in our expression and classifiers.

    One cute thing is the kids at the school I used to teach at would be playing outside while I set up a lesson. It was a dual language school. They would tap at the window and sign to me. They were all hearing and it was the most natural thing in the world!