Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Thing About Life

So I had a crappy day. Yep, really crappy.

Time for my hearing kiddo to go to sleep....

"Mommy, but you need to read to me....."

I do, I start..... I am lousy.....trying, my voice is like a snail on a rock.

My deaf kid takes over.... they have a story that he has made up.... it is a sort of a chronicle about my daughter's life. They tell me it is called "Unibrow!" Uh, this is maybe OK?

So I am sitting here, being grownup,  with tons of stuff to figure out and my son is signing the next episode of "Unibrow"

I am grateful for the laughter


  1. You have a great kid who is great to his little sis!

  2. Thanks Don.... it is the times where deaf is not the center of our world that I get the gift I have been given