Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Shakespeare,

Dear Mr Shakespeare,

I am sure when the stories were forming in your head being ready to commit to paper the idea that your words would prove the world to be a glorious place for a Deaf kid was not even on your radar. Well if I had the chance I would inform you that your words by chance have  shown me the journey we all take is meant to be and if for some reason it is off the beaten path there will be magic and a reason for gratitude. 


Mom of deaf kid trying to get it right

So I posted recently about my son wanting to go to a Shakespeare intensive  theatre camp this summer. It was a short blip I tossed online in a moment where I felt helpless. The outcome was..... well..... I am sorry I don't have words.

Haddy has four interpreters lined up to work with him at camp....... he gets to go and feel like a typical kid who happens to want to learn about "The Tempest".  The folks who stepped forward to solve this challenge are ..... again ...... no words..... I really don't have the words......  

The other outcome was a gift we would have never imagined. So he has written thank you notes and handed them off to me..... I have been sitting here trying to find the words for my side of the notes..... again..... I can't find them.

 Dear Mr. Shakespeare,
Spare some words for me.


  1. Glad it all worked out! I look forward to seeing your boy performing someday.... maybe even in the movies!

  2. Thanks Don. He may never act again but he is allowed to follow this passion he has right now with no limits because our community is strong and awesome.

    He was also invited to go see Howie Seago perform at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The only way to describe that is imagine a hearing kid going to Disneyland. He gets to sit and watch a professional Deaf actor on a "hearing" stage.....priceless... still I don't have words.

  3. I was at Shakespere's house yesterday. If you want some photo's let me know.... Coming from Wales we started the 'Bard' thing, it is an huge industry in Stratford upon Avon, where they are either pushing Will, or London. I did a first by helping the Japanese to take photos lol.... His house is quite small really, you wonder he had space to write anything...

  4. MM really? Would you mind sending an email with some pictures? Our local industry is apples and Nike shoes. I would be happy to return the favor but, ha ha , not really thinking you want pictures of shoes and produce,,,,,,,

  5. Good to hear that some nice people did something nice! Awesome.