Friday, May 27, 2011

Nothing Clever But Really Cool

Wednesday was amazing. My son is in an all hearing physical theater company. The cool thing is they don't use their voices but only their bodies. Wednesday they went to the deaf school to showcase their theater form. It was awesome! After the show the director and company answered questions and invited the deaf kids to join the company next year..... this was very well received... next year will be such a great year.

Today my son and I took off for  the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland , Oregon to watch Howie Seago, professional Deaf actor, perform. Howie is a rare bird. The kindest role model ever and Haddy is over the moon excited. We will see and interpreted show and go on an interpreted backstage tour....

Life is good for a Deaf kid.


  1. Life is good for a Deaf Kid....and his mom, who just happens to hear.



  2. Speaking of rare birds with kind souls.....
    Thanks Larry