Thursday, April 21, 2011

That Really Humble Moment

Not even really sure what to say.....

I have learned over the last 13 years that even when I feel like a two year old kicking and screaming the community we stumbled into will show a side of humanity that stills cares for the children, the folks who need a voice, the mamas who just need a map and the friends we find along the way.

From a very young age I  have refused to ask for help. Somehow I think I have branded my eldest with this trait. Tonight my son and I had a really cool conversation.

So first to quote my son, "Mom, really? Another hippie thought? .....Wait... what? What? I am going to have theater interpreters?? Larry?  No? huh? Mom what did you do??? I am confused...Oh..

*mama explains in detail*

 " mom I can't take that"  

 Sometimes it is not help but community. 

thoughtful pause, thinking hippie mama and deaf son.  

Deaf son at a later time " oh, by the way, I think they are doing "A Midsummer's Night Dream" next year at school!!!!!  " *turns out thirteen is the age of random multitasking thinking.......*

and second that hippie quote he was referring to,

Speechless and grateful for the gift of his community.


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  2. You can remind your son, if he is struggling with the idea of accepting help, that interpreting is a two-way street. This is as much about him having access to the camp as it is about the camp having access to him.