Thursday, April 21, 2011

I remember..... I will never get mad... I will make the world change for me....

So about a million years ago,
I was born.
Nothing special, a white kid with a super pretty home.
Or maybe I just imagined it was,
Ever go back and see how small?
Later.......I found out my dad was super cool... he was an artist.
Me too?
Later I found out  that was wrong because we need to manage our finances..

My kid...... ?
Get your act together !   ........

Your act
Is fine

Mom will manage,
I will still embarrass you with my corny jokes,
My talking with your friends,
But you will manage on your own,
Laughing with me,
We have that.

By the time you read this
It will be so easy


A letter to my son before I get sick like my mom

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  1. So Haddy needed a Jabberwocky post..... he got it.... sorry for being so vague