Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember The Time....

My family has been sick for days..... the icky fever kinda sick..... the thing about a fever is it sends you to a place we call LALA land.  This is a true story....

When my son was about 18 months I was a partner in an art gallery. It was awesome!!! So one day while I was at work on a soul sucking TV show somewhere in the remote regions  of LA my husband walked my son down to my gallery to write and handle the shop while I worked.

My son starts to puke.... uh ... then he turns white........ my hubby calls 911.... he walked so no car for the transport to the doctor and Haddy was really sick.....

I get a call that my family is stuck at the hospital on a Hollywood blvd... my son is naked and ..... they need a ride home. I am at some random location that I arrived at by following a map at 3am.

My husband calls for a taxi. At this point we know Haddy is naked because of the puking and invasive hospital stuff.

A taxi arrives.... my husband notices there is no car seat for naked Haddy.

"Don't worry, use the armrest"

A quick phone chain frees an executive from a show shooting close by who buys a car seat and transports my family home.

OK, so at this point I should of decided to move.... nope... waited a couple of years

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