Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Use ASL

We use ASL as the primary language in our home.

Does anyone wonder why? Does anyone wonder how much support we got? Does anyone really care?

It was a mess.....

We did it on our own.........

Yep.... I have something to say.....

Do you care?


  1. I care! I would like to learn from you how you and your family did it without any support from others.

  2. Waiting!

    (I read every of your blog avidly! I know I should comment so you know I love your blog.)

  3. Why do you even NEED to ask? You are one of the few parents of Deaf children that I wish ALL parents of Deaf children would emulate!

  4. GASP! (e! You agree with me? Will miracles never cease?

  5. I agree with Don G's sentiments.

    There is not much support for parents who WANT ASL (which obviously means bilingual since English is never excluded), but PLENTY of support for options which excludes ASL every time (Oralism, AVT/CI, artificial signing systems---notice I didn't use the term "languages" since they are not---that are designed to teach English but often come short of the goal).

    I would love to read about your experiences.


  6. Yes, Don G., I am capable of agreeing with others from time to time. :)