Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mainstreaming and Oven Fires

Mainstreaming is interesting,

I have been playing with my blog a lot over the last few days. There are reasons for that. It is something to do while I sit on hold waiting to straighten out my mom's affairs. I wait for folks to understand that I am in charge. I wait for them to help me straighten out her life.  I wait while I deal with the fact that it is over.  "It"  meaning my mom. She will never be the same old mom.

I want to take her away..... far away.... but it will not help.

 The oven caught on fire, the dishwasher is broken, the fridge is leaking, as is the fancy washing machine. Fancy computer A refuses to go online. Fancy printer A refuses to recognize Fancy computer A. Clunky Computer B can't print nessecary documents because clunky printer B doesn't reconize the black ink cartilage. So rather than face those challenges I play with my blog.

Tonight we played "Monopoly"

What a great game! Tonight my kids learned about how to buy a house. My kids learned about "mortgage"

That is not stuff we talk about but the game gave us the venue .... we played the game I played as a child. They learned words we sometimes hide. Words meant for grown up folks.

We had a blast..... deaf kid got a lesson.... as did hearing kid......

So my deaf kid won.....


  1. Mel! I'm so sorry about all of the frustration (and breakdowns of appliances). HUGS across the interwebs. Thinking about you!

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