Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Very Loud Awakening

This morning the whole family planned to sleep in. This is rare for us so my husband and I are excited.  By 6am my mom starts calling my cell phone which I quickly turn off and float back to sleep. Soon after the other phone starts ringing followed by mom's dog (who never makes a sound) yapping at the front door. This prompts the big dogs to whine obviously annoyed at all of the commotion. This wakes my daughter who starts singing off key.

Soon my husband and I are stumbling out of bed grumbling. There will be no sleeping in today. Wait, Haddy is still sleeping. Membership has it's privileges.


  1. complain to your mom and tell her: MY TURN TO BUG YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO SLEEP IN! Then do it. Let her feel how it feels to be awaken early in the AM>

  2. You know what? There's a membership in adolescence; my kids sleep through light signallers, too!

    Love your post..

  3. Anony, haha, I wish, but it is the burden of my role in life right now that I take on certain roles for my sick mother. Life is sort of a comedy all around!

    marla, even though adolescence is crazy I find it a fun new territory... agree? Oh, and by the way, my deaf son unscrewed his signallers! I give him credit for making the world work on his terms but I refuse to shake his bed every time I need his attention. I will be the one laughing when he realizes he will always be late with no alarm clock or lights flashing...