Friday, January 28, 2011

Angry Birds and Ipods

 I have habits in regards to the radio when I am in the car with my kids. If I am alone with my hearing daughter I turn off the radio because she is always talking and the news shows I listen to are too adult. I also enjoy having that time to connect with her. When I am alone with my son I do the same thing. When I am driving without the kids I listen mostly to public radio.

In the recent past I have twice left the radio tuned into NPR on while driving with my son. The first time there was a story about waiting to go to college. My son was sitting next to me in the front seat. He turns to me during this story and out of the blue starts talking about which college he wants to go to.

The second time there was a story about local schools using ipods for instruction. He turns to me and again out of the blue starts to tell me a story about a girl at school giving him a virtual cupcake on her ipod......

A couple of days ago I was listening to a story about a game app for phones called "Angry Birds". When I picked up Haddy from school that day he was all excited about a game app he found called.......

So this got me to thinking. I remember when he was little, before the hearing test, he would seem to respond to sound. I questioned if he was really deaf and almost cancelled his hearing test. I knew a mom who stopped signing because her deaf son responded to a car alarm. At the end of the day my son hears not a sound in this big loud world but sometimes he startles me. As my son would say if I questioned him, "still deaf".


  1. He probably can sense what you are thinking. This happened many time with me. There would be a silent between a two of us, and I say something, and the other person says "I was thinking of that too!"

    I guess it is because when we are thinking of something, we look at stuffs (or something similiar to it) that we were thinking of?

  2. Similar weird coincidences have happened in my life, too, and more than once I've been asked by incredulous hearing people, "are you SURE you're deaf??"

    There's one explanation that I like to toy around with: there is such as thing as ESP. Human brainwaves somehow sync at times and pick up on each other intuitively. It doesn't always happen between closely related's happened between coworkers, even those who are apart during the day and only meet occasionally.

    It's even happened over distance: we all remember the moments we know who's about to call before the phone rings. Or we sense what one is going to say before it is said. This ought to be studied.

  3. That is so interesteing. My son recently started to play the quitar. He was playing the song "Low rider" the other day. My 6 year old, who is deaf, starts walking around the house humming that song! I don't know about ESP but I know there is something to it. If nothing else it is a fun little mystery that will keep us quessing for years to come. :)

  4. OK you guys...... he does this all the time! He knows things that happen at school that were not interpreted! I am a sane mama but geez.. he gets details that would be impossible for him to get.

  5. My sister and I are connected in this way, too. It is so strange -- she'll call or I will and we'll have the same burning issues in our heart to discuss. Or, one of us will just know that the other needs something (usually a shoulder). It's strange how this works (I think there is something to the brain wiring idea -- and other things we just don't understand).

    I love these cool surprises that life tosses at us sometimes! =)