Monday, November 1, 2010

Public Accommodation Does Not Apply To Pac-Man

I always tell my son he can try anything. I tell him To go for it. Most of the time we are all pleasantly surprised. Sometimes a wee bit disappointed. Halloween was just a really good laugh.

He really wanted to be Pac-Man. So the costume was built, at the last minute. Now take a good look at the picture. Could he have made it any harder for him to communicate? Remember my son is deaf. Notice the lack of visual access and the hands. He went to a party with his friends from school. He tells me that when he would go to doors with them he would get stuck in the crowd and not be able to turn to look behind him to leave. He fell down, the costume eventually ripped. We had a really good laugh last night he about his adventure. Good news is the costume was a hit and he had a blast and because the costume ended up destroyed I don't have to store it in my basement.


  1. I think the costume is hilarious and innovative! Even though it got destroyed, I'm sure Haddy has ideas how it can be improved on, should he want to do it again.

    One costume I wore as a child was a moneybags...stuffed canvas sack tied over my head, large $$ spray painted on it, big gloves to disguise my hands, holes for seeing out. Nobody guessed who it was until after the parade, and that was the most part of the fun.

  2. I love Halloween. Loved seeing his fantastic costume!

  3. Dianrez I love your comment! What a great costume idea.

    Thanks Kim!

  4. If he ever want to be PACMAN again, I think PACMAN did have eyes.. cut out a circle and perhap some black netting or sheer (the kind use for wedding veils) to darkened it up some.