Monday, November 8, 2010

OUR COMMUNITY ROCKS! *oops sorry that was my outside voice*

Sorry for shouting. I am just so excited. I emailed my son's old school, WSD (the one in Washington) about his principal role in his school's musical, "Guys and Dolls". For the last year he has preformed for and with hearing people. That is really cool but....... he needs his Deaf community. To have his community witness is big. He is Deaf. He always looks out to see if anyone is out there using the interpreter.

There is one night that the show will be interpreted. The school has been doing this before my son was accepted with low turn out. We have gone to interpreted theater shows before only to find out the interpreters are cast off in the shadows or the show is to complicated for the one high school kid on stage. This time I am told it will be different. They are building platforms for the interpreters so the will be high enough to see. The interpreters know the dialect of the school. They have the script. Please let this be a great experience for all.

Today I found out 28 people from the school have committed to come! That means money collected. So I race to make sure the seats are reserved in the right place. I beg the school to hold the tickets until they get an official school check to pay. I can't go into detail about the red tape of a state school .

Then I sit back and think about the one friend who made that happen. She has dedicated her life to the school and the kids. She was my partner in crime when I wanted to add electives about art, acting and cooking. She never backed down no matter how crazy my plan was. She is the one who makes Special Olympics happen. She is the one who can takes on the kids who have had it the hardest. She is dedicated to the kids in a way that doesn't leave her when she goes home. I love her. She is an SLC. Student Life Counselor in her case means a truly beautiful person.


  1. break a finger haddy and enjoy the show mel

    nice kudos to our community and ur partner in crime - we all should be so blessed



  2. I am reading through your older blog posts and found this one. My son Andy is in her cottage and she so gets the kids. Kids like my son with all of his challenges. I know she misses you, but I'm so glad she is there. So many great staff at WSD. Not living in the area I don't get to have the involvment I would like.