Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sure My Son, You Can Join The Circus

A couple of thoughts come to mind today. My world right now is focused on my mother's dementia. Her life has become a job for me. I am learning more about the human brain than I ever wanted too. I am fighting insurance companies and looking for answers. Everyone has a different opinion. Sound familiar?

So I got to thinking. What happens to my son if this happens? Just a thought.

Another thing we are thinking about here is Cirque De Soliel. There is a new Deaf cast member on the Alegria tour ( . Cool. My son begged me to get tickets. I found the money. We bought them. Turns out this cast member is not working until after they leave our radius of travel. Oh well, we will go and enjoy the show. My son will go and be inspired.

My son wants to join Cirque. His passion is a driving force for our seeing the show every time we can. The fact that a Deaf cast member is on tour sends him hope. He has researched and found out the benefits are great. He has rented all the shows on DVD that we don't already own or haven't seen live.

He is also shocked I support this dream,

" Most moms fear their kids will run away to the circus and you support it?"

Yea, I do,

I support both of my kid's dreams

I believe they can accomplish anything

I know their goals will change, I wanted to be an Opera singer, costume designer and veterinarian. I became a costumer for film and television, pretty close.

My only rule is they don't work for money until they are old enough. I will help them find classes, support their dreams and listen to their disappointments. I will attend their games, shows and recitals.

If they end up working in a field far from their dreams I hope they have the tools to bring the dream into their adult lives at least as a hobby. I hope they learned skills that will help them in their new lives as adults. My son's acting is giving him confidence and public speaking skills. His auditions give him the power to interview for a job with meaning. The fact that my son is Deaf has no real point. He can do anything but hear.


  1. Theatrical inclinations lead to developing skills in communiation in a greater variety of ways. Many Deaf actors have also become teachers of the deaf and are understandably very popular with their students.

  2. You are awesome! Your son is very lucky to have you.


  3. That boy is going to do awesome things one day! He has a great mom!

  4. I'm taking care of both my elderly and dementia'd parents. I have a bag of tricks, if you want to talk!


  5. Dianrez that is so true. Funny my faorite teacher was an oprea signer. Goes that way for hearing kids too maybe?

    *Mel slips (e and Ericka $20 under the table*

    Thanks for the kind words. Trust me I am not the world's most polished mom. In fact sometimes I wish they would give you a parenting rule book at birth. Maybe a parenting personel trainer. Ericka I get the sense you are a pretty awesome mom yourself. (e I can also tell I would love to have you be haddy's itinerant teacher. You rock. He only met his once when she showed up to ask if he was OK. It is kind of like when someone says,

    "How are you?"

    What do you reply?

    Lucky please share your bag of tricks. I am a pretty fast learner and flexible in life but this is taking a wee bit of a toll.

    OK ,so off to write a new post. I have some thoughts tumbling around. First I need to find my glsses. I wrote this pretty much blind so sorry if there are typos.

  6. I realize this post is 3 years but I googled, "my child wants to join the circus" and your blog came up. Ha. It's just nice to see other moms, other single moms, that still do everything in their power to help their kids achieve their dreams no matter what it is. My 7 yr old daughter will be starting circus camp next week. She will be going back to gymnastics after her 8th birthday and I will probably put her in some sort of theatre class/school. She stays at home with me and I homeschool, sort of, more of an unschooler but still apply chores and phonics and math in her life, anything else she wants to learn is up to her.
    I also am a single mother caring for my schizophrenic mother. So I commend you. You're great. Thank you. :)

  7. Lixa Dear, oh honey I am tossing you a huge hug. Is your daughter deaf? Or are we just both strong single moms? Ha! my 10 yr old daughter thinks she wants to write a classic novel..... crap..... working on that. Please feel free to contact me to just talk.