Saturday, June 22, 2013

Remember The Day He Was Identified

So tonight we are so busy. Everyone is just dealing with just normal stuff. I am, I have a busy young daughter and a teenage son. Funny how as they get older it gets easier but harder. No more diapers, car seats or political fights.

I was talking with my Deaf son tonight about his schedule in the morning. We have a family party and his dad is coming. He however has plans. He has friends.

I for no reason remember a few weeks after he was identified and I felt hopeless trying to sign with this really cute little baby.

I was in the book store at the Beverly Center with Haddy. He was so cute and I was a chasing him signing. A man walked up and signed, " You Deaf?"

"No, son deaf"
What happened next changed our lives

He told me my son would be OK... I didn't believe him.

This man told  me his thoughts and made me feel like I did something right. This man was a teacher of the deaf and deaf himself.  He ended up being Haddy's first real teacher. His name was Richard Kendall but we used his sign name RK. I often wonder what would of happened if
I didn't meet that man at that moment.  What if I didn't have one person just show up and give me the signal.

I am lazy now, that work we did just doesn't show up everyday.  Life is easy now but still hard.

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