Friday, June 14, 2013

Acceptance Or Apathy?

Here I sit in the same situation I have been pondering for fifteen years..... when do we walk away and accept it just isn't fair? When do we dig deeper and get the rusty soapbox out? When does mama come out of hiding?

I'm  used to being a fighting tiger jumping at every chance to champion my son's cause. That was important before he couldn't fathom the complexities of his life journey as a Deaf person in this country. The laws are complex and often ignored or misunderstood. My goal of course was to let go and let him take the lead when he was ready. That happened.

My son is getting good grades (he told me he has an AP class next year ) and hanging with his tribe of like minds (all hearing but they sign). They want to go to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and you may judge me for saying OK.

I know the movie and the culture that surrounds it. I went as a teenager behind my parents back. I want him to go and experience this old movie with all the bells and whistles. I don't want him to miss the part where everyone yells "slut!" yep , I am most likely a bad mom. I just feel my Deaf son is capable. Capable of making good decisions and seeing this movie with interpreters will not in any way corrupt him.  Hearing teenagers  don't have to plan the date night. Mine does. No worries, I will pass on apathy and beg for accommodation.

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