Sunday, May 16, 2010

When I grow up

I have a student

He wants to be an" Impact Craterologist'

He is studying all things that apply to impact craters. Things I know nothing about. When he is with me we study all things social, we learn to play and tease. When I am with my young friend impact craters are in his cubbie.

When I grow up I want to know him. I want to learn about impact craters.

I have a friend,

Her son loves impact craters, they saw this in a science magazine. Her son is my student. When she is with me we work on helping him find friends and learn how to play.

She is studying all things about impact craters........

I tell her, " Your son has made some friends"

I tell her he taught them about impact craters.....

I tell myself never listen to labels

Labels keep us from meeting the next" Impact Craterologist".


  1. Hey, look at Temple Grandin. Now there is that HBO movie about her, so it's super easy and you do NOT have to read the two books she wrote which go into graphic detail about slaughterhouses. I mean, it's a good read, but not exactly a beach book.

    She is an autistic PhD who has designed over half of the slaughterhouses in the country because she was obsessed with cattle, and understood cattle to such an extent that she was able to streamline the process in a humane and effective way, while minimizing cattle loss due to animal stress, and minimiaing overhead cost. Thanks to Temple, we can all afford steak!