Monday, May 31, 2010

So We Read

My son sat and read this blog tonight. For the first time he really read it. From the start. He smiled and laughed. He told me he loved me. He laughed again.

It is of sound purpose.

It serves the purpose.

He is not alone. Thank you for your comments.

We are all different. We all want life to go our way. We can still respect the difference.

He is still Deaf. We still live with hamsters who have noisy wheels.



  1. This blog would be a great memory for your son to read back as he grows older :) You are a great mom and I enjoy your posts so much, it gives me an insight into a family who uses ASL as their primary language and their son who doesnt let his deafness stop him living life the way he wants to!!! Just the way it should be :)

  2. I'm glad.

    About the hamster degu's wheel squeaks a lot too, but i've found putting a little bit of butter on it helps for a few weeks.