Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Gratefull Reflection

Do you ever have days so good you don't want them to end? It is one hour and 19 minutes past my daughter's bedtime.

I just walked away from my kids. My son and daughter were hauling about six chapter books to her room.

Me,"Wait it is Stelly's bedtime, way past"
Haddy," I am reading her story"
Me," She needs to sleep now. You have a ton of books!"
Stelly ," He is my reader tonight and I get teenage books!"

*the books are tame chapter books but because they come from his room they are teenage territory*

Me, " You have ten minutes to read then sleep"
Haddy ,"OK"
Stelly, " Don't worry mom he will read one chapter every night"

I can hear my Deaf son downstairs explaining each book. Ten minutes has past. I will let this pass. They will think I am not noticing or maybe they know I am ignoring the blatant disregard of my rules. Yea, bad mom. I should be getting them focused. One on sleep, one on homework but the magic of my deaf son reading chapter books to my hearing daughter is just too beautiful.

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  1. I would totally let that go on too! Since my son and daughter are constantly bickering. ugh