Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Psychics, Healers and Teachers

I don't know if it was because we lived in LA but for the first four years of my son's life we were mystical magnets.

It started off with a Native American healer touching my very pregnant belly. She quickly got a startled look and told me my child will be both exceptional and not what we are expecting. She refused to go into detail saying I wouldn't understand until he came into this world.

Then there was the the occasional comment about his aura from perfect strangers after he was born until about the age of four.

We might be walking down the street and a woman would stop us to tell us our son had a white Aura. Or there was the time a celebritie's physic wanted to give him a reading and she told me all of the spirit guides he had. She then mentioned that the celebrity wanted to give us money if he needed an operation. We had a few famous people offer that out of kindness. Uh no thanks but it was kinda funny at times.

We were told he was an Indigo child by countless people, well fine. I was given the book when over time I hadn't gotten around to purchasing it myself. You see I was so focused on learning ASL, figuring out deaf education and finding peers that wasn't at the top of the list.

I met an astrologer working on a show and she insisted on doing his chart. It was a hefty book that went into great detail about his personality and what to expect in the future. It talked about moons and numeric figures that were foreign to me.

Even people who had no mystical connections were drawn to him. I had offers for acting and modeling. No thanks I don't believe children should work for pay before they can read a contract.

I don't know if any of it is true but I do know we all have different perspectives and I enjoy learning about others beliefs. At the end of the day we just wanted a happy child regardless of what shimmered around his body or which animals were leading the way in some other universe. Really at the end of the day how would us believing it change anything?

Another thing I am told is my son is a teacher. This I know to be true.

When we moved he needed a dentist. I searched for the largest practice so they would have to provide an interpreter. I called Gentle Dental in Vancouver, WA and was told they do not provide this service. I tried to explain that by law they must. I knew that that receptionist was clueless and it was not her fault so I asked to speak to her boss.

The boss told me she would call cooperate to find out. When she called back of course she said sorry, they don't provide this service. I called the CEO's office and he never returned my calls.

I then felt I had gone through all of the channels to get accommodation and contacted the Department of Justice to file a complaint. After I got that started I contacted the Clark County Dental Association. I got a call back from a pediatric dentist who listened to my side. I explained how I couldn't interpret for my son because I was the mother and I couldn't do both. I told him that by law this company was too big to not provide an interpreter. I told him I was filing a complaint with DOJ. We spoke for about 45 minutes.

They next day I got a call from Gentle Dental. They wanted to schedule an appointment and would be hiring an interpreter.

I don't know if my son has a white aura but I do know he is a teacher.


  1. Best thing is it is all true. I realized after I posted it that maybe I was being so deep! Maybe real life has a point.

  2. "Physic"? Shakespearean much?

    Ha - Spell-Check never can tell "physic" from "psychic", and flying fingers easily substitute one for the other.


  3. Hee hee, David I can't spell to save my life. This Hearing mom can't spell. The only reason I have courage to blog is spell-check which often is wrong! Please edit for me...

  4. That is really neat! Your son sounds like a wonderful kid!

  5. Your son IS a teacher -- just like his mom! =)

  6. Good for you for filing that claim. I have had to do that myself from time to time. Many businesses simply aren't aware of the law, and it takes someone like you to inform them.

  7. Don't forget to fluff that aura!