Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Salsa and Captions

About 11 years ago....

When he was so young we decided to always have the captions on. To our surprise the captions were hit and miss. Sometimes they were so bad we wondered how someone could be so far off target. Many times in hotels we have had to switch rooms because the television was not able to provide captions. We call the front desk, they send a guy to come look and most of the time we end up moving. Around the age of five my son could set up the captions himself.

Last night.....

So the reason I am thinking about this is my son came home in a really good mood. First because they are learning to Salsa in his dance class. He showed me his new moves and I am impressed. The kid has rhythm.

The other reason is because of a movie they watched in art class. Sometimes the teachers forget to get captioning because this is his first year at this school. If I know a movie is going to be shown I send an email reminding them as was the case with art class.

Well the movie was French! That meant all of the kids had to rely on captioning, brilliant. My son acted out for me the puzzled lost expressions of the other kids. One boy admitted after he didn't understand much because the captioning was so fast. At this point my son uses a classifier to show me the slow pace of the captions. He thought it was so funny since he had no problem. He laughs and tells me he is a pro.

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