Friday, March 19, 2010

The Long Ride Home

10:00 am phone call from Special Ed Dept.

" Hello this is Sally Lou Who from the School District Special Education Department. Today your son has a sub interpreter and the agency is sending someone who signs English. He has 39 years of experience but his signing is not what your son is used to. He is though, really great with kids and a basketball coach. We just wanted to let you know that we tried to get an ASL interpreter and we are sorry we couldn't get one on short notice"

12:37 text from my son

" Because of terp you almost had to buy 25 happy meals from mcdonald that no one will eat!"

So long story short another lost day to a interpreter who isn't qualified. By the way my son hates the "Golden Arches" after watching "Super Size Me" years ago. The interpreter was very confused. My son is very clear with his ASL but if the person watching is not fluent there is a problem. I asked some ASL students after school if they understoond the interpreter. No. Do they understand his other interpreters? Yes.

One thing I love about having a Deaf son is the walk or ride home from school. I can't drive and have a serious conversation from the corner of my eye. I also am as graceful as a pregnant elephant so walking and watching him sign in great detail is risky.

Today we sat in the car and talked and laughed about the weird things the interpreter said and some really cool things happening in his classes. We are forced to really engage when we talk. I can't multitask by driving and half listening to him while I plan dinner in my head. I enjoy this quality time. He knows I am really paying attention and present. I believe one reason we are so close is because of the nature of ASL.

Today our five block commute took 35 minutes. Priceless


  1. What a cool (and interesting) quality of ASL -- total engagement. LOVE IT! Also, glad you didn't get the bill for the Golden Arches (never liked them very much either)...

  2. Good point about total engagement when using ASL. I've walked into things as a result and had thought it was because of being a klutz.

  3. Liz we will not be meeting up at the Golden Arches for a playdate sorry. Esther Short maybe?

    Dianrez, so funny Haddy and I get so caught up we have both run into street signs mant times. We refuse to accept the klutz label. We prefer to think the ill placed signs are designed to thwart us!