Saturday, January 23, 2010

It took 72 minutes to drive five blocks


I was running late to pick up my son from rehearsal Saturday so I drove. The sun was out so I preferred to walk but nothing I could do. When we walk home we have such great conversations and bonding time. We only live about five long blocks away but it takes 15 minutes to walk it and I didn't want him to worry so I drove.


I had some papers for the director so I went up to the theater. I walked in and saw an interpreter I have known for about 8 years. He is good, really good. We started talking and I told him about the lousy interpreter my son had at school as a sub and how mad I was. His regular interpreters were awesome. He told me district interpreters are not the best

He was surprised to see my son there just because we only see each other at the deaf school meetings or functions. He asked if Haddy was full time. Yep I responded this is his new school. He was really happy. It is cool to see a Deaf kid go beyond what people expect.

In regular Deaf culture fashion (he and the other interpreter are not Deaf but still part of the community in this small town) we all talked until everyone had already left. Alone we stood in the parking lot. I told him I had tried to convince other parents to apply to this school but with no luck. There are several Deaf kids I know that would do great here but are not doing so great where they are at. He promised to spread the word. Both interpreters wanted to come see the show after watching the rehearsal. The bummer is it costs $30-$40 a ticket. It includes a gourmet Cuban dinner but still a lot of folks we know can't afford to pay that for a play. I really wish some Deaf folks would come.
It is now dark out.

So my son and I jump in my car and the long drive home commences. First he turns on the overhead light.
"Mom tonight was awesome!!!!"
We talked about his play. The light goes off. I can't drive with the light on but all of my Deaf friends can.


I start the car and drive. He is starting to sign. So we pull over in the parking lot. He has a funny story about the night to tell me.

I tell him I love how much fun he is having and start to drive. Out on the street he starts to sign again. Wait for the red light ahead I tell him. Recently he decided to sit in front since he can now. The problem for me, a hearing mom, is I spent the last 11 years watching my son sign from the back seat though my rear view mirror. I don't have the eye muscles to watch from the side of my head like my deaf friends. In fact I also need new glasses


We chat at the light. Oops green.


He asked me to pull over. I do. We sit and chat.


I drive on. Soon we will be home. "Wait mom!" He wants to tell me about his theater informace which is different from the play. Next Tuesday. Pull over and chat.


We made it home

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