Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog Salad

I like to have a point or idea for each post but today all I have is a bit of random stuff that seems important to me.

First I was so pleased to see the new Superintendent for WSD, Jane Mulholland, contributed a New Years Resolution to the World Around You. WSD is making changes for the better and I am so happy to see this happen. Cheers Jane and Bill!

About that, last night was the PAC meeting regarding these changes. I was suppose to go and looked forward to it. My daughter got really sick with a high fever so I had to cancel. My son is now mainstreamed but that school is in a position to help deaf children. Our family fully supports that and wants to help in any way we can. One thing I notice is often parents only think about the success of their own child. Of course this is natural but I feel it is important to think of all deaf children. I believe my son is not growing up in a bubble and the interests of all Deaf kids effect him. Maybe if everyone worked together all these kids could get the most out of their education. These are his peers and community so I believe it is my responsibility to be involved. That is why I was so upset I couldn't go.

On to another topic that I am not sure if I should laugh or cry. It is the reason for my last post.

My son is not the most organized kid in town. He also loves to check out books from the library. I found a paper today listing the books he had out. To date he has checked out 84 books since September. Of those 3 are current, 21 are overdue. The cost of the 21 books would be $175. Uh, not OK. So I grab a bag and dig. I filled the bag and took it to him at school before ASL club. On rehearsal nights he is there until at least 8pm so I bring dinner around 4pm when he has a break. Today he got dinner and a bag of books.

He really wanted to go to club because rehearsal started soon and he would only be there a short time. Too bad kiddo I am not paying for the books. So we go to the library. He puts the books in the return box and dashes out the door to get to club. The librarian was watching and I cracked a joke about his book issues. Here is what followed,

"Thank you so much"

" Oh no thank you for being patient. I had no idea he had so many out"

" Well I didn't know if he knew he had to return them"

* I felt like I was on a hidden camera show. This sweet woman had no idea how stupid she sounded*

So how do I react? My son has had a library card since he was 4 1/2. Of course he knows how to return books. I had a couple of choices.

1. Anger at ignorant hearing person,

*serious face*

"My son is Deaf. He is not stupid. If you have an issue with him not returning books tell him. It is your job to communicate with my son. Did you notice he reads at an adult level? Yes? Well why do you think he wouldn't figure out he needed to return the books to the LIBRARY?"

Hmmm.... how would she respond? What was her intent? What does she know about Deaf kids? What would I accomplish?

2. Empathy for uneducated hearing person who means well,

She probably has never met a deaf person. Since she has never "talked" with him she may assume he isn't really able to navigate the world. She is trying to give him extra room because he can't help his "disability". I am empathetic to that. How can I educate her so she will listen to my message?

"Haddy? No he totally understands the concept of library. He is just a bit of a bibliophile and happens to be twelve. If he does this again just cut him off and you will see how fast the books come back. *insert a chuckle for good measure* . Now if I just have to convince him to pick up his laundry. Yikees he is starting to act like a teenager! *big smile* "

The last thing that comes to mind is my son unscrewed the thing we put in his room to flash the light when we want to get his attention. Ugh, he is starting to act like a teenager.

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  1. (Laugh) Been there, too. The library fines I've had to pay would have made a nice advance on their college bills today. And the call-light placed in Son's bedroom is also missing! (Now I pound on the livingroom wall below his bed!) This teenager phase lasts till you kick them out, unfortunately!