Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Are You Whispering?

Answers to the most common questions asked about my son

Yes he is deaf

No he doesn't read lips but please look at him not the interpreter when you are talking to him

No he doesn't talk

Yes he can read

Yes he will be able to drive a car

You don't need to help him order at restaurants

Yes he does attend a special school but not the kind you are thinking of

No he doesn't need hearing aides they don't work for him

No he is not hard of hearing or hearing impaired, he is deaf, can't hear a thing

I have heard of the operation and no he is not a candidate

I know you mean well but,

Why are you shouting? He can't hear you

Why are we whispering? He knows what you are saying because I am interpreting our conversation that is why he is giggling

The elephant has left the room

Here are some things I know about my son

He reads, he reads a lot, He reads when he eats, walks and I suspect at times while he sleeps.

He reads about everything. The only topic I haven't seen him pick up is knitting

He can't carry a tune and come to think of it neither can I. I imagine people would pay me not to sing. *note to self look into that*

He tends not to clean his room

He likes sushi

He is proud to be Deaf

He is fluent in ASL

He is an actor, poet and dancer

He loves to write stories

He is a typical 12 year old kid

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  1. And, you are an AWESOME mother! =)