Friday, April 12, 2013

Yawn..... wake up and go

I quit blogging because my Deaf son entered that stage of his life where I allow him to control it. He asked me to stop.

Yesterday his control decided my blog was a good thing. He wants me to share what it feels like to be Deaf in his world. So with his help here we go,


My 15 year old deaf son is busy with his rehearsals for "Our Town". He attends a mainstream magnet art school and is considering a modern dance and film focus. He also started his education at a two state deaf schools.
 My 10 year old daughter  is in a Spanish immersion program (fluent in three languages) and enjoys her violin.
I am now a single parent.

Let the story begin


  1. Welcome back! I missed reading your posts and I'm so glad I didn't remove your blog from my blog roll. Looking forward to reading more!

    ~ your Deaf Internet friend :)

  2. Keri!
    Thanks for stopping by. Haddy has grown tall strong in character. He is almost a man. Should be interesting sharing this blog with him (hopefully he will correct my spelling), Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

    Your internet friend,