Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Random deaf

I posted about how often you run into people who sign in the most random environments.

Today also supports this.

Today we went to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation walk. We raised money to help support this cause and met with 6000 people to walk then play at an amusement park. Last year Haddy was the only deaf person we saw. This year was much different.

We saw a whole team of deaf people. We saw three interpreter friends on another team. We saw some deaf friends on yet another team and met some of their deaf friends. It was so great to see so many deaf people at a cause that has no connection to deafness. Deaf people out supporting another issue. Deaf people everywhere we looked.

My son brought a hearing friend from school and they ran around all day going on rides, playing games and then roller skating. We kept tabs on each other by texting. I never thought I would say this but I love technology even if it means giving my 12 year old a phone.

I get a text, "come now"

Then I see him walking towards me holding his arm. He fell down skating. I had a friend close by who work on an ambulance. He said it was fine but we sent them to first aide for ice. The two boys walked in the office to ask for ice and a woman who was just visiting her friend, the nurse, tells them she is a medical interpreter! How weird is that?!? So my son had the service of a qualified interpreter in a medical situation by chance. Random.

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