Friday, February 26, 2010

The show must go on

7:30 am

I try and get one more ticket to my son's show for a friend. We get the last one. We already had tickets for our family but because the show was almost sold out we had to take seats at a different table. They always book that table last because it is by the band. I asked my son if it is OK. He tells me it is a great view and a perfect table for Deaf people. Well we are hearing and I don't care we will have fun even if we have to sit in the rafters. I pay the $30 for the extra ticket (I know but it is a great show).

8:25 am

I text my son to see if he brushed his hair. He is so tired from his schedule he forgets. Nope he forgot so another day at school looking like he just woke up.

5:00 pm

Our friend is on his way to our house we are excited to go to the show as a family. My daughter is putting together her theater fashion. She picks a floral dress, red satin Chinese jacket, black tights and brown dress shoes. She tell me this is theater attire. She puts on her lavender oil "perfume". We are all stoked and is festive spirits.

5:24 pm

I get a text
"Mom bad terp.. can you fire her?"

Me: "whats wrong? want me to come?"

I jump in the car and go to the theater. I am freaked out because I can't step in. I have a ticket! The principal went home hours ago so we can't replace an interpreter on short notice. When I arrive I notice my phone battery is dead so I can't text my son to find out his location. I see some actors and ask for Haddy. Make up they tell me. I run down two flights of stairs, no Haddy. Again I ask. Upstairs in dressing room he just left they tell me. I am told they can help me if I need it. Nice kids. Again I dash off. Two flights of stairs. This reminds me I need to work out more if I am to be a helicopter mom. I finally find him after dashing here and there. What is up I ask.

"She told me to go get condoms"

Uh, yea, and then what?

At this point I will pause,

I will pause for deaf folks to laugh and say , "that's life, get used to lousy interpreters"

I will pause for hearing parents of deaf children to gasp in horror. Confused.

Haddy was told to go to costume not condoms. She is not familiar with theater lingo and maybe winging it?

I will pause for myself to catch my breath and think of a plan. He tells me she doesn't know what to do, she isn't ASL fluent and he can work the night himself but he doesn't want to make a scene. She is not qualified and he needs her to step back.

I go see who it is. She is sitting in the theater. She is confused about where she is supposed to be because Haddy disappeared. I realize this is a hard job to take but my son is the client and he comes first. Here is my reply,

" So great to see you! So Haddy doesn't use an interpreter for the show. He knows his cues and we don't have an interpreter on stage (true) so I am going to show you where you will be. You are here for emergencies so we need a place where he can find you if he needs you. " I walk her backstage and find a chair. Everyone in the back of the house knows me from volunteering so this is no problem. She is happy to sit and I make a mental note of her name so she isn't called again.

I go back and find his friends. I tell them the plan. Next I tell the director. Problem solved.

5:44 pm

I go home and enjoy the festivities of getting ready to see the show. My daughter is dancing when I get home. I join her. The whole process took 20 minutes. We leave on time to go see the show.

to be continued......

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  1. Great SAVE! Also, this is cracking me up, because it reminds me of a story my cousin shared. She was learning to speak German and was staying in Germany with a German family at the time. After dinner, she announced that she was pregnant. To everyone's shock, of course. Those Americans!

    She was trying to convey that she was full. Heh-heh...