Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excuse Me! Can I have your attention please?

The Sales Pitch



Mother of Deaf child enters large auditorium and pull out a dusty, rusty, battered soap box. She steps on top and the spotlight comes on. Electronic ad music is blasted over the sound system.

A small audience is scattered throughout the hall.


Excuse me please! Can I have your attention. I am here today to show you the latest advance in raising a deaf child. Can I direct your attention to the thing that will change your families lives. Ladies and gentlemen,

Mother makes a sweeping gesture towards a rotating platform.

MOTHER (cont'd)
Natural Communication!

A shiny drape is lifted from a revolving disc to reveal ASL. The music gets louder and lights are flashing




Yes my friends Natural Communication is the tool of the future. No
more confusion or frustration. This little dandy is CI and hearing aide compatible. Imagine the look on your child's face when you can communicate naturally. Watch as tantrums are reduced and you begin to have easy in depth conversation. Use ASL to support speech and it even reduces stress in public when you need to discipline. ASL is a lovely compliment for your CI or other listening devices.

Try it for free for one month and if you decide this is the answer for you we will ship fluency for free. Yes folks at no extra charge! Natural Communication comes with a life time guarantee.

A hand raises from the small audience


But my family is hearing. My child needs to know how to live in a hearing world


ASL is hearing family compatible plus it increases unity.

Another question


But I want my daughter to be able to order from a restaurant.


Studies show that deaf people can order from restaurant whether they own ASL or not.


I don't have time to learn another language


Unlike other products with ASL you learn it and that is it! All you need to do to keep it charged is use it!


But I have other kids.


ASL is shown to benefit all children hearing or deaf.

So step right up to get your risk free trial of Natural Communication!

People get up and start to leave. The crowd is grumbling.


Folks come try this! I have proof it works!

Mother of Deaf child gathers up her soap box and walks off



  1. I loved this! As a deaf adult, I truly sometimes feel that I am not being heard. Professionals and other parents do not want to hear what I have to say. I am a deaf mom to a hard of hearing son and a deaf son. I have experience growing up as a deaf child, I have experience raising deaf/hard of hearing children. I sometimes feel that parents prefer the advice of the professionals. My parents too listened to the "professionals". Doctors, teachers of the deaf, social workers for the deaf have far more influence. But deaf/hard of hearing people, their voices are almost never heard. . . they have so much more to contribute.

  2. And yes it is fully compatible with the CI. My son has the CI and is fluent in ASL!

    And the usual comment about how the child has to learn to live in the hearing world bothers me. I am deaf and I have hearing neighbors, hearing coworkers. Everyday I deal hearing people and I do just fine. I also have a wonderful community of deaf and hard of hearing friends. What about hearing families of deaf/hoh kids learning more about the deaf community? It's a two way street.

  3. The parents who hang onto the "hearing reference" aren't diehards or radicals or even audists thumping the drums of normalcy. They are just wishful, loving and hopeful parents who take heart that their child can say "mama" at age 4 and envision a future where ASL will not be needed.

    I grew up with parents like that. They were further encouraged by my growing skills in lipreading and in being able to understand my speech even if many others couldn't. They continued to defend their choice, saying ASL was not needed in our family.

    But it was. There was the dinner table syndrome where I was the one left out, the holiday syndrome where my deaf husband and children were left to fend for themselves while most family never progress beyond the "how are you? fine". My parents barely knew my friends or my husband. I barely knew my relatives.

    Love is often blind. ASL brings sight to the socially blind and hearing to isolated deaf, and makes greater social interaction possible. It is so handy, yet is easily put away when truly not needed.

  4. Absolutely wonderful post. CI or hearing aids does not negate the beauty and helpfulness ASL can bring. Great job ;)

  5. *Applause*

    Really, I cannot understand people who honestly think that learning and using ASL will "limit" their children to a deaf world. ... That would be like learning and using French means you can not live anywhere but Paris.

    More Language Knowledge = More Life Options

    Besides, once you learn it, you don't ever have to worry about it breaking down.

  6. Sue your input is so valuable to parents. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully some hearing parents will read your comments and pause to think about them.

    Of course Dianrez you have my respect.

    Cheers L.J, I had fun checking out your blog. You make me smile!

    *mom of Deaf child bows and blushes*