Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

About 12 years ago...

We spent the weekend reading every book we could manage. By Monday we felt a wee bit more secure. I stopped crying Sunday and my husband got the color back in his face. I woke up at 4:30 to go to work and waited for the call from my husband about the calls he needed to make.

He called the school district Early Intervention. Turns out we were lucky to live in a big city. LAUSD was the second largest district in the country and they had a ton of deaf kids. We were assigned a case worker and she was to meet with us soon. He relayed this information and I felt so calm to know the wheels were turning. I didn't however feel calm to be at work. I was so in love with my son I hated to be separated. My family would visit the set at least once a week. Looking back I was very lucky to have this environment. When they would arrive everyone would give us space to be together. They would fawn over my sweet little one as if he was theirs but then they would leave and my mind would go back to how I would get him what he needs.

Tick Tock

Time was the most important thing. Everyone seemed to move so slow when we needed them to act fast.

Tic Toc

Then we had our first home visit. She showed up and took over. Wow, we felted relieved. We needed to decide what we wanted and she would give us the resources to make it happen! She was really excited we were signing, none of the families she met for the first time did this, and she was very eager to help. We studied some literature she left and wrote up a plan. This wasn't going to be a a big deal, tons of people have been given deaf kids we just need to ask for help!


Well later it turns out the world was not ready for us.


We had plans to meet a friend and her young ones at the science museum. I told my son we would leave at 9am. My friend called and said it opened at 9:30 so there was a change of plans. I did not tell my son of the change because he is the king of DST *again membership has it privileges* and I thought perhaps he would be ready when we wanted to go.

When we were ready to leave my son was shoeless and "sans" hair brushing. He had been reading a book and didn't watch the time. I was a bit grouchy with him as he rushed around at the last minute.

Turns out my friend was late also we had a blast. My son is a science geek and spent most of the time showing the little kids crazy stuff you can do with the aging machine, electricity and some other stuff I don't get. He did this thing with water and air to make a rocket. People cheered, he told me that the ratio of water to air makes it go higher...sorry I was a wee bit tired....

Did I mention it is ok to be tired?

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